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Creating a CyVerse Account


Create a new CyVerse account and sign up for CyVerse services.


  1. Valid email address
You will need a valid email address. It is highly recommended that you use an institutional email address (e.g. .edu, .org, or .gov); access to some platforms may be restricted for international and/or non-institutional users)

Get started


Ensure Java Script is enabled on your web browser. A pop-up blocker or other notification symbol may indicate this.


  1. Go to the CyVerse user portal:
  2. From the popup, click the < Sign up link.
  3. Complete the registration process


Choose a short, easy-to-remember username. Username must be lowercase and have at least 3 characters. First character must be a lowercase letter. Usernames may only contain lowercase letters, numbers, dashes and underscores

  1. Check your email for an account confirmation link and follow the confirmation instructions.


Check your SPAM for the confirmation email if it does not arrive within a few minutes


Once you have confirmed your email address, you can start using your CyVerse account right away!

Next Steps:

Register for additional services:

The services listed below require you to request access. Don’t worry if you are undecided—you can request access now, or at any time.

  • Atmosphere - The CyVerse cloud platform where you can create custom Linux-based virtual machines or use existing ones (your account must be linked to an .edu email address to register).
  • Bisque - A platform for managing images and their metadata that allows you to analyze image data in more than 100 file formats.
  • CoGe - The Comparative Genomics platform gives you access to thousands of genomes and a variety of tools for genome analysis.
  • DNA Subway- DNA Subway makes high-level genome analysis broadly available to students and educators, and provides easy access to the types of data and informatics tools that drive modern biology. Using the intuitive metaphor of a subway map, DNA Subway organizes research-grade bioinformatics analysis tools into logical workflows and presents them in an appealing interface.
  • TARGeT - An advanced pipeline for the detection of transposable elements.


To register for Atmosphere or other services, login to the user portal’s dashboard ( ). Under “My Services” click the ‘Request Access’ button next to the additional service. You will receive an email notification when the service is added; this may take up to 24 hours.

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